David Bio

                                               David Van Walker

                         Piano Player, Producer, Songwriter and Composer.

Producing, writing and composing with numerous artists of all genres.  As a Writer, David has had hits in both the United States and Europe.  As a Producer, David has produced music making major chart action in both the United States and European markets. While loving to write lyrics he also enjoys composing theme music for film and TV.

“David hears things that aren’t there.  Then he puts them there.  And the way he puts them there, well let me just say, He is has empires in his brain and has a musical genius that surpasses the norm and the every day. His magical talent creates and enhances melodies in a way that blesses the listener and it will make one happy when they hear the music.  The tracks are remarkable pretty.  Your spirit will be lifted!

Each instrumentation is chosen and played with exceptional creativity and uniqueness to fit each song’s meaning, theme and feel.  He will take a song and it’s message and enhance that feeling and message with an accent of music that compliments.  You will go on a journey as you travel through the verses and choruses of the song all the way to the end with his incredible dynamics and progression.  You cannot help but be moved.  On a visceral emotional level the songs can reach anybody.  One cannot describe the vibrancy and emotion his work evokes.  His music is more than song, it’s an experience.”


Sermonettes in Song