Melody’s Delivery of Lord Please Deliver Me from Myself

Just Like…..Elephants can communicate with each other over great distances using both their voice and their hearing…

Just Like…..Sharks can detect blood the instant it hits the water….

Just Like…..With subtle burst pulsed sounds, echolocation sounds and unique signature whistles, dolphins can recognize each other from afar, and in the sounds bouncing back can detect remarkably detailed information from the world around them..

Just Like…..Through Humback Songs and acoustical maps, whales can communicate from afar…The word “song” is used to describe the pattern of regular and predictable sounds, the Orca’s Song can communicate across the ocean….

Just Like…..There is something primeval about the eerie sound of the wolf howling in the night and when another wolf hears that sound it tells him something….

Just Like…the low pitched moving sound of the singing of the slaves in their songs about  freeing their lives from bondage and the emotion evoked that kept faith alive and a radiant hope for the future…

Melody’s rumblings in her delivery of the Song, “Lord Please Deliver Me From Myself”  resonate in such a way that is unspoken but connects with something in the brain and goes back a thousand years. It is the cry of man who is mourning for the loss of a loved wife.  It’s eerie and goes unsaid, but it is felt.

We feel it but don’t understand what we are feeling.  It’s a song that stirs you.  “You may not understand what it is that you are feeling when you hear her sing it but it is compared to what might happen in the secular world.  When you hear it, you get hooked on the visceral vibration from the soul of the singer that goes beyond just the mere production of the sound”, Dr. Richard Perry Ellis, D. Min.


If you have ever been in the wilderness and could not find your way home, that’s a huge emptiness and loneliness fraught with fear. And that’s where people are at…………who are lost.

It evokes emotion about man’s condition, his struggle because we, too, are in bondage.  The song asks for deliverance from man’s dilemma and overcoming long suffering and one cannot help but be moved.   There is an honesty of emotion understanding the soul. On a visceral emotional level the song’s directness can reach anybody.  It’s like the singing you hear behind the prisons in the South and from those being dragged off to jail. It’s the sound of the low soft singing from the slaves quarters.  One cannot describe the vitality and emotion this one song evokes.  It generates power that is indescribable.



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