Melody’s Purpose Driven Life

As Melody puts it, “I’ve never really wanted to sing for entertainment, it’s much more meaningful and purposeful to sing for God.” “At a time in my life that I was thirsting for God’s truth, I was learning all I could about God and scripture.  Suddenly out of the blue, Christian themed lyrics along with melodies started pouring into my head.  Lyrics would come while just driving down the road, and melodies would come to me in my sleep.  And as it has been said, nothing comes from no where….it comes from God.  I felt the Holy Spirit leading me in my writings.  Little did I know at the time is I was learning my God given purpose in life.

During that same time I had a friend visit from California who told me all about Rick Warren and Saddleback Church located in Southern California.  I flew to California to attend Christmas services at the church.   The service, the message, the music was so compelling,  I felt an inspiration and joy I had never experienced.  With tears streaming down my face, I felt I was supposed to be there. I said to myself, “God is guiding me here.”  When I returned home to Nashville on New Year’s Day, I was enjoying my beloved Cookies N Creme Cows and marveled at how I have cared for them in such a way for them to have a long life.  That day I wrote the song, God’s Promise about what my cows taught me about God.  That He loves us in the same way I love the cows. And that He gives us eternal life.   The song became the favorite of all songs on my CD.

At the time, I was consulting for a media company in Nashville.  One day when I arrived onsite, they had a huge box of books that took up the entire reception area.  The book was “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren.  I realized they were the company distributing Rick Warren’s new book that had just been released.  I put two and two together and realized this was the church I had been visiting.  In that moment I knew God was leading me to California to that church.

For the next five years I studied at Rick Warren’s church growing myself spiritually as well as my song writing for my music ministry. During the first two years, I was not so fortunate to be able to live in Southern California near the church.  I would travel five hours from either Vegas or Bishop, CA just to attend a class, sometimes sleeping in my car in Death Valley National Park because my car overheated.  I did anything and everything to get to these classes.  My small group would ask me, “where did you travel from this week?  Bishop or Vegas?”   I would arrive and sit in the front row so I could listen to Rick Warren.  On one occasion he said, “It is no mistake you are here tonight.  God planned well in advance, a long time ago, that you would be here in this moment at this church.”  I, like so many others, had found my purpose that Rick talks about in Purpose Driven Life. This is where I discovered God’s purpose for my life.

Since I write and compose all of my own material (along with co-writing with others), I felt it was important to grow spiritually and thus get knee deep in scripture. I attribute my understanding of scripture to Rick Warren’s teachings.  Melodies continued to come to me in my sleep. Lyrics were pouring out of me.  Song after song was written an added to my song list. I would attend classes and grow from those classes.  Songs that I had started before my studies,  seemed meaningless so I trashed them.  They became significant through giving them a Godly message and finishing them based on lessons in my studies at Rick Warren’s church classes.  And so the songs were resurrected and transformed with a deeper meaning and purpose based on God’s truths.”

While on her debut in California performing at a small church, Melody had a listener who would soon have a huge influence in her life. Pastor Edwin Agogo of  Orphans and Widows of Africa was giving the message that night and when he heard her music he approached her. “Melody, I have been all over America and heard all kinds of music but your’s is special….would you please come to Kenya, Africa and sing for my people.”

From this the song, “God’s Love is Bigger Than Africa” was born.  Plans are in the works for Africa in the future.  Meanwhile Melody performs special music at churches as well as fundraisers.

Sermonettes in Song